Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My browser needs 16 exabytes

I just remembered something that makes me want to bust out a Linux Hater Smash everytime I think about it.

Back when 64 bit x86 CPU's just came out, there was this big race (or, at least a few freetards thought so) to see who could support it first. A few freetards worked through the night so that Linux could boot and run on AMD64 before Windows could. And then some distro (can't remember which one) shipped an AMD64 version. There was much rejoicing. Linux beat Windows to X64! Hurray! It was fucking awesome. You could totally compile bash in 64bit and it was like 20 times faster. Not having a 3GB process limit totally helps when you're parsing ls -l ~/.hidden/porn/ | grep gutsy gibbon.

Fast-forward to today. What is the most visible issue concerning X64? Flash.
Adobe's movements toward supporting 64bit flash have been glacial at best. And why blame them? Look out at the landscape, how many 64 bit browsers do you see? Why the fuck do I even want a X64 browser? All my 32 bit browsers seem fine, and they don't even come close to stressing any limits imposed by their 32bit-ness.

But nooooo! we must be pure! On a 64 bit system, everything must be 64 bit! We don't give a flying freetard fuck if every other website uses a plugin that won't work on our 64bit system. 64 is still twice as good as 32. We're going to ship 64bit Firefox, because we can (and to make sure the world knows we can). If users complain, we're going to say it's Adobe's fault.

Give me a fucking break.

This is the same level of bullshit FUD that kernel developers sling around saying that they can't maintain a stable ABI. And as if somehow that means, all of a sudden, the device manufacturers need to open up all their specs. They also go around telling everyone that companies like NVIDIA are hurting open source. Uh huh. They're hurting it by providing the only graphics stack that works. Riiiight.

Just because you're doing the work for free, doesn't mean society gave you the green light to parade around being loud and obnoxious as fuck, complaining that the closed, unfriendly, proprietary companies aren't playing by your rules.

If you want to do something for the user, just ship a 32 bit Firefox. I promise you, Grandma won't notice. I also promise you that she will notice that her youtube started working more reliably.

And please, don't talk to me about nspluginwrapper. It's crack-addled crack. You are smoking a crack for even thinking of suggesting it.

And Gnash? Gnash is the Open Graphics Project of the Flash world. Or would you prefer a comparison to all the dead open source Java runtimes?

Maybe if you guys got together and actually articulated a credible business case for why Adobe should care about X64, then they'd actually listen. Dollars are dollars, whether they're coming from dirty capitalists, or even dirtier hippies. Just make sure you don't talk about freedom or saving children. They don't care about freedom. They care about people using Flash in ways they can generate revenue from (enough to justify any investment). As for saving children? I'm sure they'll be way more effective donating their profits to charity than dealing with the freetard mob.

No? too hard? Well then take what they give you and make it work. There are no technical barriers here, just lame purity arguments. You're not gonna change the world by insisting on 64bit Firefox. You are going to change the world if you can offer what end users want. Most end users don't even know what 64 bit means, let alone the implications of choosing a 32 bit vs 64 bit broswer. They're just going to use the thing that let's them watch you tube videos.

Only when you win the customers, do you get to set the new rules.

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